Gold Hyaluronic Lifting Serum

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Our Luxurious gold serum Drastically Improve The Skin’s Texture For A Radiant, Young, And Glowing Look. The Serum’s Powerful Combination Of Ingredients Kickstart It’s Time To Rejuvenate Your Cells, Tighten Pores, And Reveal Your Best Self.

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Product Info

GOLD HYALURONIC LIFTING SERUM provides a triple-effect combined treatment to your facial skin. The serum contains real gold, a substance whose powerful benefits have been known for ages to improve skin texture and restore a radiant, young and glowing look.

The serum is also enriched with hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides. The powerful combination of these ingredients regenerates the restoration mechanism of the cells, keeping your skin firm, and helps inhibiting existing and new wrinkles.

In addition, the serum helps in the creation of an even, smooth and radiant skin tone by intensively nourishing the skin using an innovative formula that contains a unique blend of oils that includes calendula oil, bourgeois seed oil, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter.

The unique combination of gold and all the active ingredients, offers the ultimate solution to help create a youthful, healthy, even and radiant skin look




  1. Glowing skin– The serum is enriched with gold particles which gives the skin a glowing, radiant and healthy look
  2. Rejuvenation – The serum penetrates the deep layers of the skin to help restore and regenerate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.
  3. Double effect – The serum serves as a highly effective base, maximizing the absorption of other products as part of the facial treatment routine and enhancing their effect
  4. Increased moisture – effectively nourishes the skin by enriching it with moisture
  5. Elasticity – Helps increase the elasticity of the skin and prevent the formation of expression lines 


It is recommended to apply the serum on clean skin, after using facial soap. Apply a small amount of the product and massage gently until completely absorbed. For perfect and comprehensive care, it is recommended to use it in combination with C’eporel’s day / night cream

Proven Results

With Carefully Developed Formulas Invented In-House, You Can Trust That We’ve Run The Gamut Of Skincare Ingredients. Only The Finest Ingredients Make The Cut. Add Onto That Transparency The Countless Numbers Of Satisfied Women With Different Skin Types, And You Get The Best Products In The Industry.

Our gold serum Work, Filling Wrinkles And Stubborn Lines And Adding A Boost To Their Appearance, Plumping, Smoothing, And Hydrating. Yes, We’re Serious.

you can experience immediate results. Our creams, facial foams, and serums provide a deeply nourishing treatment that leave your skin so healthy, you radiate with confidence.

What Customers Are Saying:


The appearance of fine lines is smooth and the skin is plumper


Eyes look visibly refreshed and brighter


Said the product visually improved the quality of their skin

Skin quality and durability are greater after immediate use



improving skin suppleness, reducing wrinkles, and giving skin a more youthful appearance. It also aids in basal layer cell renewal. Gold is also used to cure skin infections and acne, lessen dryness, increase skin suppleness, and slow down the natural fall of collagen formation. Additionally, the usage of gold promotes blood circulation, increases skin hydration, and lessens acne, skin allergies, and melanin production. The skin is penetrated by the microscopic gold particles, which give it a dazzling, luminous appearance.


Reduces Wrinkles, Fine Lines And Dryness - Which Makes Our Skin Look Younger And Less Tired.


It’s no secret we lose collagen as we age. For skincare to be effective, you need collagen to help increase blood flow and improve skin elasticity. Collagen helps to plump sagging skin and give a more youthful appearance.


Responsible For Stretching The Skin. Improves The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Creases

Frequently Asked Questions

contain active ingredients such, Hyaluronic Acid,, Collagen, Peptides,. These are supplemented with additional vitamins and minerals for targeted results.

 Absolutely NOT! None of C’eporel Cosmetics’ products are tested on animals. We uphold a standard of being 100% vegan friendly.

C’eporel products work best in combination with one another.

Yes,  But Is Best Used Once Absorbed Into The Skin. We Suggest Waiting 5 Minutes Before Applying Make-Up.

Yes, Every C’eporel. Product Is Incredible On All Skin Types.

Dramatically Change The Way Your Skin Looks And Feels. Adding Nutrients, Benefits, And Active Antioxidants That Heal From The Inside Out.

Your Stories. Our Products.

“I Really Didn’t Want To Try One More Anti-Aging Skincare Brand And Be Disappointed. I’ve Searched Far And Wide For Products That Don’t Clog My Pores Or Leave My Skin Dried Out Or Super Oily. I Found C’eporel And Immediately Was Hooked. These Products Actually Work.”

"I am really satisfied with it. I'm good to go. It really saves me time and effort. It's is exactly what our business has been lacking. "

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high-quality skincare with powerful, safe anti-aging technology backed by research, reviews, and real, wholesome ingredients.


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